Change How You Use Your Discord Server

Enable personal or group DMs/VCs, breakout rooms, etc. in your server for free.


The Only Bot Enabling Serve Based DMs On Discord

Listening to more than 50+ servers, trying to become a part of yours next.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free?

Yes, using the Dispatch bot is completely free. Even if we introduce some more features that we think should have a paywall, the core features will always be available for free.

Who all can see that chat?

Apart from the requested entities and the admins, no-one else can see the chat. We would like to make it not visible to admins as well, but Discord's current limitations don't allow us to do so.

Can I add a reason for the DM/VC?

Yes. You can add your reason after mentioning the users. This is what the final command will look like: !dis dm @user Your reason. This only works for the !dis dm, !dis gdm, !dis vc & !dis gvc command.

Working of Dispatch

Dispatch - Rooms, Groups & P2P DMs/VCs in Discord. Discord is now complete. | Product Hunt